What is Demerol Abuse

Demerol abuse refers to the usage of the drug Demerol for purposes other than that which it is designated for. To get to the root of Demerol abuse it is important to first establish the meaning and facts about the drug itself. Demerol is a chemical that has goes by the name: Meperidine Hydrochloride. The chemical formula for this drug is [C15 H21 NO2. M.W.321.8]. The company behind the manufacturing of the Demerol drug is known as Sanofi Synthelabo Incorporated.

This drug is categorized as an Opiate Agonist. It is also classified as a Schedule II controlled substance. This means that the drug has the capability of mimicking the effects and replicates the naturally occurring endorphins of the human body. This is made possible by the manner in which Demerol interacts with the opiate receptor sites. The net effect of this is that the body stops having cravings and withdrawals but does not get to experience high feelings or euphoria as is the case with non-opiate drugs. Opiate abuse has risen sharply in the recent past and this has seen an increase in the number of addictions to this drug (opiate). Therefore, this explains Demerol abuse as it is an example of an Opiate Agonist drug.

What is Demerol Abuse

The physical characteristics of Meperindine Hydrochloride, otherwise known as Demerol, are:

  • It has a neutral reaction.
  • It is slightly bitter in taste.
  • It is readily soluble in water.
  • It is a white crystalline substance.

The chemical characteristics of Meperindine Hydrochloride are as follows:

  • It has four methyl molecules.
  • It has a hydrochloride molecule.
  • It has a phenylisonipecotate molecule.
  • It has an ethyl molecule. (One molecule).

Another interesting fact to note concerning Meperindine Hydrochloride is that it is commonly referred to in the streets as: Demmie(s).

Demerol abuse comes in during the usage of the drug. Demerol as a drug is available in both tablet and liquid form. This is for oral administration. The drug can also be administered through an injection into a large muscle or through an intravenous fluid. The effect of this usage is that it alters the perception at the spinal cord and Central Nervous System (C.N.S). It does not have any effect on the afferent nerve endings.

Demerol as a drug has a short duration of effect lasting between two(2) to three(3) hours. A dose consists of low concentration levels of serum for the pain relief. This drug is normally found as a single product with few combinations. For example, APAP (Acetaminophen).

During Demerol abuse, the drug is often taken orally, injected or smoked. This is similar to almost all the other drugs that are commonly known for being abused. The effects of this drug are similar to those of morphine. These effects are felt between ten (10) to fifteen (15) minutes after ingestion.

During Demerol abuse the functionality of the drug is such that it blocks the pain that the body was undergoing and induces euphoria by triggering the pleasure centers of the brain.

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