Signs of Demerol Abuse

It is interesting to note that Demerol causes euphoria by triggering the pleasure centers of the brain whilst blocking pain.

Demerol Abuse Signs

  • Tremors
  • Weakness
  • Agitation
  • Excessive perspiration
  • Erratic muscle movement

The signs of Demerol abuse which are quite apparent are those of a person continuously using Demerol. The other involves the uses of higher doses than what is recommended. The effect of these two scenarios mentioned here often involves one getting dependent on the drug Demerol. In the event that one makes an attempt at such a stage of dependency to the drug in terms of stopping that dependency, then that person suffers Demerol abuse withdrawal symptoms.

Signs of Demerol Abuse

These withdrawal symptoms refer to the negative shocking reactions of the body once a routine way of operating is manipulated all of a sudden. During the Demerol abuse, the body got used to a certain routine of having traces of Demerol inside the system. When this routine is abruptly changed, it alters the assumed normal body working system, hence withdrawal symptoms. This is the how the body begins to develop the phenomenon referred to as tolerance.

This phenomenon deals with the continuous use of a drug to the point that the body becomes acquainted and accustomed to the effects of the drug and no longer produces any unique or sensational feeling each time the drug is administered. This can be likened to resistance developed by the body towards the drug.

In the case of an addicted person, this does not auger well with their intentions. They therefore, move to either increase the dosage of the drug or increase the frequency they were taking the drug, all in complete and utter disregard of prescription instructions. All of this is in an effort of to bring back that lost sensational effect that was present before the body developed the tenancy termed as ‘tolerance’.

As one increases the dosage and the frequency in an effort to satisfy their addiction, so does the tolerance level increase, which is one of the more advanced signs of Demerol abuse. Therefore, it will get to a point that the addict will need to increase their dosage and frequency again. When done over and over again, there is this vicious cycle which is created. This is, essentially, the basis of addiction.

One of the most obvious signs of Demerol abuse is the dependency or rather the reliance one has toward the drug. As clearly pointed out earlier, dependency involves the continuous use of Demerol as a drug. Also it may involve the excessive use of Demerol as a drug. For instance, when one is prescribed Demerol only twice a day and they end up taking it almost ten times a day, then it can be said that the person is addicted to Demerol by way of overdose. The other form of addiction is by way of continuous use. Therefore, as a conclusion, it can be noted that the signs of Demerol abuse are those that are of physical nature within the abuser’s body.

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