Demerol Abuse Symptoms

Although it can be argued that there is no difference between overdose and overdependence in so far as the consumption of Demerol is concerned, there is a slight difference which is worth noting. This all important difference lies in the fact that one is a function of the other. Therefore, putting it in the context of Demerol abuse and the subsequent addiction, the continuous use of Demerol could be in the prescribed doses but not in the prescribed frequency. For example, a person could be instructed to take two tablets once a day. However, the person goes on to take two tablets five times a day. This is what brings continuous use of the drug. It is in the correct portion as prescribed but the frequency is wrong and excessive.

In relation to one of the Demerol abuse symptoms known as overdose, the difference comes in during the consumption whereby a person takes more than what they are supposed to take. This is contrary to the prescription instructions in so far as the amount of the intake of the drug is concerned.

Demerol Abuse Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms can occur at any point but it is dependent on how much the drug has been used and how often the drug has been used. Under withdrawal, there is the cold turkey phenomenon. This presupposes that withdrawal symptoms can occur four to five hours after the last dose. It usually lasts about seven to ten days.

The most apparent signal of the Demerol abuse symptoms is the dependency one has toward the drug. As asserted earlier, dependency involves the continuous use of Demerol as a drug. Also it may involve the over use of Demerol as a drug. For instance, when one is prescribed to take Demerol only twice a day and they end up taking it up almost ten times a day, then it can be said that the person is addicted to Demerol by way of overdose. The other form of addiction is by way of continuous use.

As one increases the dosage and the frequency in an effort to satisfy their addiction, so does the tolerance level increase. Therefore, it will get to a point that the addict will need to increase their dosage and frequency again. When done over and over again, there is this vicious cycle which is created. This is, essentially, the basis of addiction.

The manifestation of Demerol abuse symptoms are the following bodily characteristics:

  • Hypotension
  • Hypothermia
  • Respiratory depression
  • Skeletal muscle flaccidity

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