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Although Demerol is used as a pain killer to relieve episodes of moderate to acute pain and users have found that it can also be used as a drug. This is because of its addictive nature, and it’s euphoric effects. Although the speed of addiction is not as fast as other opiate-based drugs like heroin, the user can get addicted relatively quickly. Addiction to Demerol causes physical and psychological dependence.

Physical dependence refers to an actual physical craving for the drug. This is the same case with alcohol and drug addicts. Psychological dependence is thinking that you need the drug to function normally. These are the classic symptoms of any kind of addiction. With Demerol abuse however, a user will get both physically and mentally dependent on the drug soon after the addiction kicks in.

Demerol Abuse

In no time, he or she will have to use Demerol even though he or she is not experiencing any kind of pain. Demerol is a depressant, affecting the CNS. As a result the user or abuser will experience depressed or shallow breathing. This may get to dangerous levels where paralysis of the respiratory system may occur and cardiac arrest will follow. Likened to morphine, which has addictive features, Demerol responds to the opiate receptors in the brain.

The euphoria felt after ingesting this drug cause’s dependence. A person who is suffering from Demerol abuse will look for ways and means to get the drug. Apart from patients receiving the drug, some of the abusers are the physicians themselves. Since they know how the drug should be taken, they ‘take’ some for their own use. They do not use the drug for pain relieving but for the euphoria one feels.

Although they may dose themselves correctly, the long-term use of a Schedule II substance leads to dependency. On the other hand, people sometimes even use the drug even they don’t feel any effects. Since it is a pain reliever, the user expects it to relieve the pain soon after ingestion. When this does not happen, many think that taking more of the drug will yield results.

This is not the case with Demerol. That kind of thinking will leave one dependent on the drug and an abuser of Demerol. What people who suffer from Demerol abuse don’t realize is that the effects can be dangerous. Since the drug can slow the entire respiratory system to a near halt, someone who takes the drug without prescription from an authoritative physician may end up in a bad situation. If an overdose occurs, breathing and heart rate slows down.

If the level of Demerol in the blood is too high, it will shut down the heart completely, resulting in death. Those who are fortunate will end up in a coma, which you might never wake up from. Using Demerol with alcohol and other opiates has been known to increase the likelihood of someone getting addicted also. Physicians always tell the user not to take the drug with alcohol. This mixture may cause shock, cardiac arrest, and eventually death. These are some aspects about Demerol abuse.

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